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Tips(Luggage & Travel )

 Tip2 How to unlock your luggage?

Step1 roll each passcode to find the 3 holes and 
make sure all holes in same direction.

The 3rd hole's direction is not same as the 1st and
2nd holes'.So you have to adjust it to the right
direction, which same as the 1st and 2nd holes'

as picture shows.

After finding the 3 same direction holes, 
you'll get 3 numbers,(the example is 0 8 1). 

At this time,let's move on step2.


Step2 roll each code 1 time in same direction and 
then try the tab. If still not work, repeat step2 to
get another 3 numbers and then try the tab. 

Continue the step2 until it works.

Tip1 How to Reset Luggage Lock?

Default code of a new lock is 0 0 0

Step1 pushing the tab

Step2 set the  numbers and remember the new code

Step3 release the tab, new code is set once you release

Lock can only be opened & reset when the code is correct

unlock luggage instruction 1
reset luggage lock instruction 1
unlock luggage instruction 2
reset luggage lock instruction 2
unlock luggage instruction 3
reset luggage lock instruction 3
unlock luggage instruction 4
clean luggage instruction
Tip3 Luggage Maintenance Guide---How to clean luggage?

Normally, we can use a damp cloth to clean the luggage exterior. This is usually sufficient.

For a very dirty luggage, we need to make sure check the manufacturer’s instructions before you washing your bag. Because some detergents could damage the luggage if it’s with a water resistant coating. 

Always use soft cloth or sponge to wipe both the external and internal area. Don’t use stiff brushes or anything that may scratch or rip the surface. When you clean luggage interior, remove all content from the bag first. Then wipe the inside with a damp cloth or sponge. 

If we packed smelled items, put luggage in a dry place and ventilate for hours or days. 

At last, make sure your luggage is completely dry after cleaning the luggage.

airport tips
Tip 4 Airport Tips

1. Check your ID documents and other important.

2. Make sure your luggage tags have your accurate name and home address.

3. Double-check your flight to see if it’s on time. During holidays and when bad weather conditions, flights frequently will be delayed or cancelled.

4. Reach airport early to avoid you missing your flight. Normally, arrives 2 hours earlier.

5. Check in arranging your ID and flight information when you are waiting. The airline service will supply you with your boarding pass and weighed and tagged your luggage for flight.